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The birth

Collectors Club was born of an encounter between two sisters, Nele and Veerle. Inspired by the double meaning of the concept behind the brand, the duo wants to create a wardrobe of essentials for women. The collection pays a vibrant tribute to emblematic women and is inspired by iconic personalities such as Anaïs Nin, Barbara Bloom and Zaha Hadid. Collectors Club connects with strong women, who recognize themselves in the timeless voice of icons like Frida Kahlo, Nina Simone and Elizabeth Peyton.

The collaborations

Collectors Club is also a collaborative brand which invites creatives to design ideas for their collections, from photographers and artists to designers, as part of its collective. Collectors Club embodies the juxtaposition of both sisters’ personalities, styles and reference points, as well as the friendship that unites them.

The style

Collectors Club offers a complete wardrobe with a refined style. The selection of high-standard fabrics, sublime detailing and essential fits are at the centre of Collectors Club’s signature aesthetic. Creative collaborations come into play in each collection through the finishing, the prints, the colour palette and the imagery, made by the creative community that continues to grow around Collectors Club.

The heart

Collectors Club wants to evoke a sense of wonder, triggering an impulse in everyone who wears the brand. The Collectors Club woman embraces her inspirations and desires. She loves feminine yet comfortable styles. She’s also evolving and is establishing her need for authenticity, values and a lack of compromise, yet in an informal way. This well-known duality lies at the heart of the brand.